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April 22, 2011
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On the subway train, as I was traveling to my busking spot, a guy with a bird on a leash sat next to me. He told me his bird was three years old and was from New Guinea. The bird cried loudly every now and then until the guy got off at the 23rd street subway station. He told me that the bird speaks, but only in the house, never outside.


I changed trains and on this train two of my friends were singing with an acapella doo-wop group. They said ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ to me as they walked down the train, singing.

As I was playing at the Whitehall Ferry Terminal a girl told me that she has an old 45 record with a musical saw and an orchestra playing a song called “sleep”, probably in the 1950’s.

Three bagpipe players dressed in kilt uniforms were on their way to playing at a ball game on Staten Island. They will march into the stadium and play a couple of Irish tunes. Since they said they play Irish music, I played ‘Danny Boy’ for them.

A lady told me that she has photos of me from a couple of years ago when I played in Harlem dressed as a witch.

Musical saw Halloween

A guy told me that he saw me in a movie. “Which one?”, I asked.
Guy: “The Heart is a Drum Machine”.
Saw Lady: “Oh, yes! I still have to see it myself, actually…”
Guy: “I rented it. It’s good. You’re in the beginning of the movie”
Saw Lady: “Good to know!”

I’m at 0:43 on this movie trailer. Please tun off the blog’s player on the right hand column before playing the video:

A guy told me that he has made a wrong turn in his life – he let go of music and joined the corporate world. For thirty years he has been in the corporate world. He has been up and now he is down. “I could have been a musician and stay down my whole life but enjoyed my life”, he said. Now he is learning to play guitar one song at a time. In two years he hopes to be good enough to play in the streets or subways.


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