Walked Away Singing

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While I was busking at the Whitehall ferry terminal, I had a few nice conversations with people waiting to take the ferry boat to Staten Island:

Whitehall ferry terminal

A guy told me that his Dad taught him to make sounds with a saw by hitting it with the thumb.
Another guy told me that he plays the musical saw. He is a drummer, and he ordered a musical saw from Ebay a year ago, but hasn’t really done too much with it.
A lady told me that I’ve inspired her to want to learn to play the musical saw.
I invited them all to attend the 7th annual NYC Musical Saw Festival which I organize.


A guy told me that he is a sea merchant. He was busy listening to me play and missed the boat. He didn’t mind – he just sat on the floor next to me and listened some more.

A kid asked me if my bow was made of metal.

Whitehall terminal

On the train back home the singer who walks with a cane came on the train. He recognized me and came to say ‘hi’. He told me that he was in Philadelphia with his group for a couple of weeks for gigs. Now he was back singing on the trains again, on his own this time (without his usual singing partners). He was starting his busking for the day. “See you later” he said and started to sing “She was too young, she was only sixteen” as he walked down the train. When he reached half way through the car, he turned back, waved to me, said “Take care, Natalia” and walked away singing.


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