How Strong is Plastic?

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April 4, 2009
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There were no trains going to Manhattan today… they were working on the tracks. So, I took a train going the opposite way and switched to a Manhattan bound one a few stops away. It took me about an hour and a half to get to the Music Under New York busking spot at the Whitehall Ferry Terminal.

Whitehall Ferry Terminal

A guy told me that he is a trumpet player. He knew a musical saw player, Ralph Segara, who lived on Staten Island. Unfortunately he died 15 years ago. He was in his 80’s or 90’s, the guy said.
He asked me what the bow I use is made of. When I told him it’s plastic he told me how when he flew to Puerto-Rico there was a plastic bag on the wing of the airplane. The stewardess said it would fly away during the flight and that was what everybody else thought would happen, too. But amazingly, the plastic bag stayed there, on the wing of the airplane, throughout the whole flight. The strong wind didn’t tear it up, either. That’s how strong plastic is.

Whitehall Ferry Terminal

A guy told me that he roller blades from his apartment, which is in the 60’s (upper mid-town) all the way down to the ferry terminal (which is way at the bottom of downtown). He then goes into the terminal to go to the bathroom and get something to eat. Then he takes the bus back home.

I got a coin from Bermuda. It goes straight into my coin collection.

A guy told me that about 25 years ago, his theory teacher at Trenton College, NJ, used to bring a fiddle and a musical saw to class. The teacher also joined a jazz band that played at a bar there. He was older, so he might not be alive today.

A guy told me that his father, who is almost 80 years old, lives in Puerto Rico, and used to play the musical saw. He was a carpenter and also liked accordion.

Whitehall ferry terminal

A guy told me that he has seen some other musical saw player years ago and that he was terrible…

A guy told me that he saw a musical saw player on TV years ago.

Whithall Ferry Terminal

Amazing how on one day at one terminal there were so many people who knew other musical saw players. Seems like the floor is creeping with musical saw players :)


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One Response to How Strong is Plastic?

  1. Beth on April 7, 2009 at 1:58 am

    Natalia, I just want to say you are amazing! I never heard of the musical saw before and came across you on youtube…I then saw a few others…you are certainly the best on youtube and probably in the world…I am very impressed and also impressed at what you have done. Did you start playing the streets and subways before you got to play some big halls? I also wonder how you can travel and street perform. I would love to do this but don’t feel I can afford it…even would like to go to New York City but I am afraid of getting a ticket if I try to play there but a friend of mine in Western Mass goes to NYC and plays the subway occasionally…it’s rough in Boston trying to make a living at it…I’ve heard the tips in NY are better. Last week I got on the first page of the Boston Globe, so that was something for me…story on buskers/subway performers…two photos of me in that article…but the photos didn’t show up in the online version.
    Anyways, I really admire you….and wonder how you are doing at it….you seem to be doing very well.

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