They Came Up For Air

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At the subway station, the lights were off and temporary emergency lights were on. I asked an MTA track worker why the “candle-light atmosphere”. He said they are working on the station and needed to turn off the lights, but the train is working. It gave the station a romantic atmosphere :)

Track workers

At the Music Under New York busking spot at 14th street Eunique was singing R&B. The guitar player with one leg, sitting in a wheel chair was looking for a spot to busk. He was probably hoping for the Music Under NY spot, but I showed up with a permit…

Scout Eunique

The teen-ager named Natalia told me that she wants to adopt a puppy, but she needs to save another $100 for it. Apparently animal shelters charge $125 – $200 for pet adoption. I advised her to search ‘Craigslist’ for a free puppy.

A gentleman in a hat told me that he is a New Yorker by accident. His mother was a month early with her pregnancy and she happened to be in NYC at the time.

At 1:05 a couple stood by the bench, kissing.
At 1:19 they came up for air and sat down on the bench. They continued kissing.
At 1:33 I wondered if they were going for a Guinness World Record…
At 1:39 they came up for air, exchanged a few words, then went their separate ways.

The lady with the long black braid came to say ‘hi’. I’ve been worried about her since she told me that she was going to have a throat operation – she has cancer. I haven’t seen her for about a month (and she used to pass by me every day). She has a device on her throat now, and she can’t talk, but she said that she’s OK and is healing.

Saw Lady
Photographer: © Marko Kucher

Ellen, the guitar playing singer who works the trains, told me she moved to Sunnyside and she loves it there. She also said the Police don’t bother people busking on the trains anymore, unless they catch you crossing cars.

At 3:30 Michael Schulman, the electric violin player, came for his permitted busking spot.
Ellen was going out of the subway for a break. She again mentioned to me how happy she is living in Sunnyside now.

Michael Schulman

I took a train to Times Square together with Jeremiah Lockwood, the blues singer/guitar player, who was on his way to busking by the Mosaics at Times Square.


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2 Responses to They Came Up For Air

  1. EcoIndia on May 26, 2010 at 11:13 am

    I believe, ‘candle-light’ itself is a romantic word, which fuses romantic atmosphere, be it a private home or public railway-station.

  2. Marko on June 2, 2010 at 7:14 pm

    Hey, just saw that you used my picture! You made my day!

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