Singing Garbage Lady

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When I got to the Music Under New York spot at 14th street there was a pan flute player there. He told me he had been playing there for an hour and that it was very hot and humid. Funny how some spots in the subway are hotter/colder than others. The Union Square spot definitely gets very hot in summer…

Saw Lady at 14th street

Giovanni Suquillo, the guitar player, walked by looking for a spot to play. He had been accepted into the MUNY program and will start playing with a permit on Monday. He will only be enjoying his permits for one week because he is going on vacation back home to Ecuador, for one month, where he will also play concerts.


As I was setting up a guy asked me how long it takes me to set up. I said “I’m almost ready”. He said “good – I can’t wait to hear”.
I finished setting up and started to play. The first tune I played was ‘The Sound of Music’. An MTA employee in charge of collecting the garbage in the station was dealing with the 2 garbage cans on the mezzanine in the area in front of me. She stood by her huge portable garbage cart and sang along with the saw.
That was such a nice welcoming start of the day!

Ming Jun, the cellist, was looking for a spot.

Ming Jun

I mostly practiced for my performance at the 5th Annual Musical Saw Players Gathering today. I’ll be blogging about that event soon :)

14th street subway station


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