See You When You’re 120

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November 23, 2007
By Posted in Union Square Subway Station | 1 Comment »

Calebe Aruda was playing his violin at the Music Under New York spot at the 14th street subway station when I got there. He said he got a late start today – 11am. He was wearing a short sleeve t-shirt despite the wintery weather. He said that he breaks up a sweat when he plays.

Calebe Aruda

Two NYU film students came to film a documentary short about me in the subway for their class project. As they were filming I saw a group of Chinese people all dressed in yellow costumes walking by. It turned out they were advertising the Chinese Holiday Wonders show.

An older gentleman with a long beard, a walking stick and a black hat said hello. He looked like a wise old man – sort of a cross between Santa Clause and a Rabbi…
I said: “How are you?”
He said: “Better than yesterday but not as good as tomorrow”.
He asked me about the Music Under New York banner hanging on the wall behind me and wanted to know if one needs to re-audition for it every year. I explained that once you pass the audition – the permit is for life.
He said: “You get the banner from now until you’re 120”
I said: “yes”.
He said: “I believe I will see you when you’re 120”
I said: “I look forward to that day”.

Subway platform at Union Square


One Response to See You When You’re 120

  1. Yuki on November 23, 2007 at 7:40 am

    Haha, he’s a crazy man.. With a random mind.
    The santa and a rabbi cross must be interesting, too bad you didn’t have a picture. (haha)

    It seems like a good amount of us make a documentary about you..

    Oh, I found out why it didn’t have sound on the computer, I needed this codec…

    Happy Thanksgiving! My aunt and cousin (you met my cousin) came to Florida to spend time with my mother and I.

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