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October 24, 2007
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Scout, the R&B singer who goes by the name of ‘Eunique’, was singing a catchy song at the Music Under New York spot at the 14th street subway station when I arrived. Scout has a beautiful, velvety singing voice.
An older Chinese guy was handing flyers by the staircase to the uptown trains.
It was very humid. Scout asked me if I had a napkin, which I did. He needed to wipe off the sweat from his forehead.


Two teen-agers, a boy in a ball cap and a girl dressed in red stood by me for a while. I heard the boy say to the girl, as he was pointing at me – “I would pay someone to do this at my wedding!”. They asked me questions about the musical saw and listened to quite a few songs. The boy then bent down to my clipboard where people sign up for my e-mail list, and he wrote “I love it. Nice”. The girl then bent down and wrote “You are so good. Keep up the good work”.
Thank you Waldron and Ayanna for the nice comments!

The guy who passes by here every day, walking all bent over (he has a hunchback) with a cane walked by but this time he was wearing a long rain coat and galoshes.
The two fellows who work at recording studios passed by. They too are “regulars” at this station, meaning – I always see them when I play here. They stopped to say ‘hi’ and one of them told me he is on his way to a recording studio in Astoria, Queens. The other one works for Atlantic Records. He told me that he saw that I recorded for Atlantic Records a long time ago, with John Hiatt, which is true.

with John Hiatt at the recording studio

At 1pm Heth, the singer/guitar player who is part of a duo with his brother (they play rock music, using live looping to create a meditative sound), walked by. I haven’t seen him in a long time because our schedules are so different. He told me that he played at this spot last night. Him and his brother are playing at the ‘The Lion’s Den’ next week.


It was very humid. I don’t like the way it feels in the subway before it rains – the air gets heavy. I broke 2 hairs on my bow because of the humidity.

At 1:35 a lady dressed like a nurse, all in white, put a missionary leaflet in my donations box.

At 2pm two elementary school girls asked me questions about the musical saw. One of them asked me what the clipboard was for. I explained that it is for people who want to be informed about my gigs or upcoming CDs. She then said “can I write a comment on the clip board without putting an e-mail address?” I said “sure”. She bent down and wrote “awesome saw”. Her friend then wrote “I love the saw!”
Thank you Genevieve and Clare for the nice comments!

At 2:10 I noticed everybody was carrying wet umbrellas. At 3:15 there were no umbrellas to be seen any more – the rain must have stopped. Time for me to go home before the rain starts again.

Union Square subway station

Before going down the elevator to the platform I quickly glanced at what everybody thought was an art installation on the wall in the corridor leading to the 4/5/6 trains – just as Lydia from ‘Arts for Transit’ told me – the moving image of water now had ‘CBS Outdoors’ written all over it. So, it turned out it wasn’t an art installation – just a clever ad.



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  1. Bruce on October 26, 2007 at 3:25 pm

    Got your comment regarding my post… Thanks! I am a wandering busker– don’t know if you can do that there. I go everywhere, inside and out. I always look forward to my ‘busking’ nights– looking back on them now as I’m teaching in a small mountain town.

    Got a quick peek at your blog– great. It’s late night here, so I’m headed to bed, but I’ll go back to explore. I want to see if you’ve been to Japan. I hope to visit NYC soon as my son lives there, although I’ve never been. Be readin’ ya! Bruce

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