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While on the train, traveling to where I am going to play in the subway today, the train stopped at the Lexington subway station. Through the open door I saw Frank playing the guitar on the platform. I called out to him and he waved back. He asked if I was going to play at Times Square. I yelled back ‘No, I’m going to 14th street’.


Nobody was performing at the Music Under New York spot at the Union Square subway station when I got there.
Chill, Bow and Romero – the a-capella singers who sing on the trains – were very happy to see me. Just recently Romero mentioned to me how Chill & Bow were asking about me. It must have been at least two months since I last saw them. It’s all because I don’t play at Times Square any more (on account of the store which blasts music out right next to our spot).

Bow, Chill and partner

Musical saw joke of the day:
A guy said to me “now my friends won’t believe what I SAW” :)

The nice lady with the long black brade was happy to see me after a long time in which she didn’t happen to run into me. She told me that the only other person playing the musical saw that she sees in the subway is a Chinese guy playing at the ‘Pacific’ subway station. She saw him twice.
If anybody knows anything about this guy, please let me know – I’d love to invite him to the Musical Saw Festival I’m organizing.

It turns out I’m not the only one with a large saw in the NYC subway…
There’s a bronze statue of two guys sawing down the 14th Street subway station :)

bronze statues sawing down the 14th Street subway station

At 3pm Grupo Wayno showed up with a MUNY permit to the spot. They are an Andean band. At the same time another band showed up, coveting the same spot, but they didn’t have a permit, so they had to go on searching for a spot. They told me that they are auditioning for Music Under New York this year because they are tired of having to spend so much time looking for a spot.

Going home


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