No More ‘Sax in the City’

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On my way to the subway I was joined by the Canadian sax player of ‘Sax in the City’ – a quartet of saxophones that played in the subway. He told me the quartet is no longer together – the guy who ran it is moving to Florida to be a bar-tender, and my friend is going on tour with Chita Rivera. Too bad, they were really good (they all played in the pit of Broadway shows while also playing in the subway).

No body was at the spot when I got there, but somebody was singing down the corridor. The police have posted flyers on the pole: “$1,000 reward for info leading to the arrest of anyone who possesses an illegal hand gun”.

People who ran into me today:
The make up artist lady who did my make up in the Spike TV show last year. She was carrying her dog Mary. Funny how after that I saw at least 4 more people carrying little dogs.
The blond blind lady who often walks by with a blind-walking-stick walked by me twice and said ‘hi, how are you ‘ each time.
Gray Wolf’s father-in-law walked by with his cart and keyboard. He told me he wasn’t feeling good – his neck hurt real bad. He is going into the Mount Sinai Hospital today to get that fixed, and while he is thee is is thinking of doing a detox because he drinks. Poor guy, I hope he feels better soon. He told me Gray Wolf has hooked up with Raices Group (see photo in last post) and is right now selling the CD for them at the Times Square spot. He is doing really well with them. “When he shows the CDs he shuffles them like cards” said his father-in-law.
A Japanese film guy asked me a lot of questions about the saw and about playing in the subway. He said he is thinking of coming to the Music Under NY audition, so I told him he would have to go through me as I work there every year registering the media/film people that wish to report on the audition :)
My cousin walked by, and also the guy who works as a Broadway shows percussionist who told me how when he was in college he played in a piece by aaron Copeland which has a part for a musical saw.

At 3:45 Yili showed up for his permit. He plays popular songs on solo guitar. He told me he was coming from 8th Avenue at 42nd st. where he was playing and that if I wanted I could go there as there is nobody playing there right now.
Yili was wearing a short sleeve t-shirt! As for me – this was the first day this year in which I didn’t wear long-johns in the subway :)

Yili Nelson


3 Responses to No More ‘Sax in the City’

  1. Anna on March 15, 2007 at 1:01 am

    I was planning a trip to New York in April, but things fell through. If I do make it up there sometime, then I’ll make sure to see you play at the subway! Some of your stories are hilarious, though.

  2. Pierre on March 15, 2007 at 1:22 am

    Hi Natalia,
    Nice blog, in Paris it’s rare to see real musicians playing in the subway.


  3. Dovik on March 15, 2007 at 1:40 am

    Hi Natalia,
    It was indeed special meeting you. For me the “khavaya” started right upon exiting the 6 train, hearing from far away the amazingly special sound of your instrument.

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