King Lear at Sherwood Forest

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December 7, 2007
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Geovanni Suquillo and his Japanese percussionist were playing at the Union Square subway station’s Music Under New York spot when I got there. The percussionist wraps his fingers for protection and beats on a box on top of which he is sitting.


I sat on the bench to wait for Geo and his friend to be done. Next to me on the bench I recognized a lady who was there last time I played at this spot. She was enjoying Geo’s music, and stayed to listen to me again, too. Before leaving she came up to me and said “I want you to play at my wedding!”

Maria, the melodeon player who plays on the trains, said ‘hi’ as she was changing from the downtown to the uptown train.


A strange guy planted himself next to me… He enjoyed my music and he asked me if the piece I played was about King Lear and his daughters… I played another piece, then he asked me “where are you from?” I said I was from here. He then said “are you from Sherwood Forest?”…

At 1:15 the Scientologists set up at their usual spot.


A lady with a guitar told me that the only other lady playing a musical saw she ever saw was an old lady with a monkey in Colorado…

Groupo Wayno (5 Andean musicians) showed up with a permit for the 3pm slot, so I was done for the day.


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