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January 28, 2010
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At the Music Under New York busking spot at the 14th street subway station Raices Group were performing: Edgar on flute and Geo on guitar.
While I was waiting for them to be finished, a group of MTA construction workers wearing yellow/orange vests walked by. One of them said to his friend: “Hey, it’s the Saw Lady!” Then he said to me: “I saw the Saw Lady” :)

Raices Group

Geo told me that while he was playing, a guy told him that he applied to audition for Music Under New York but didn’t pass the preliminary audition because he wanted his 12 year old son to perform, and that’s against child labor rules. He asked Geo to let him copy the MUNY banner, so that he could pretend he has a permit. Geo refused, of course (it would have been a federal offense to aid in crime). The guy said: “Come on, nobody would know”. Geo pointed out that the banner has the performer’s name on it, and its no good without the paper permit that gets sent to each musician twice a month with the specific locations where the musician is scheduled to perform.

Edgar just returned from Peru where he spent a whole month performing. He will take his band there next year to celebrate his band’s 25th anniversary.

Edgar and Geo

A guy wearing a badge took photos of the ads on the walls of the subway station. The ads were anti-smoking ones.

A lady placed a ‘Sephora’ bag next to my donations box. It had many pennies in it.

A guy told me that he can say ‘hello’, ‘thank you’ and ‘good bye’ in ten languages. He asked me where I was from and told me that he has a friend who lives in Israel for 40 years. He has five children and many grandchildren. The friend doesn’t want to say how many grandchildren he has because it’s bad luck, but his wife said it’s 21 grandchildren.

A girl gave me a promotional pass to the AMC movie theater.
I also got Canadian and Norwegian coins in my donations bucket.

At 3pm Edgar and Geo returned. Edgar heard me playing the theme from ‘Titanic’, ‘My Heart Will Go On’. While I was packing up we played it together a little bit, Edgar on the pan flute and me on the musical saw.


On the train back home a guy was singing and playing guitar and harmonica.


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