Certificate of Conduct

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A gentleman helped me bring my busking gear up the stairs at the subway station. He told me that he has seen & heard me numerous times at 14th street and at Times Square. I told him I’m on my way to 14th street now and he asked how I determine where to go to play in the subway, so I explained about the permits for playing in the NYC subway. “That way there are no arguments between musicians over the spots” he said. He concluded by saying “Now I can saw that I saw the Saw Lady” :)


A guy told me that he is on his way to get a “Certificate of Conduct” from the police. He needs it for a job in the Cayman Islands (south of Florida).

A lady wanted to leave her flyers advertising her Spanish lessons with me. I explained to her that it would be more beneficial to her to hang her flyers on bulletin boards.

Remi, the Haitian singer, came to say ‘hi’. As usual he was dressed beautifully with a raffled shirt and a black tail coat.

An old man sang along my playing of ‘Edelweiss’.

Saw Lady
Photographer: Curtis Palmer

At 4pm I wanted to pack up and call it a day, but Albert, the messenger, insisted that I play one more song, so I did.


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  1. Brendan on June 29, 2009 at 4:59 pm

    We’ll keep an eye out for you! Thanks for welcoming us to New York City!

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