Applause from the NYPD

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A strange sighting happened today at the Union Square subway station:

Entrance to Union Square subway station

As I was playing, an older guy with a white beard, wearing a white shirt, big glasses and a ball cap hat sat on the bench. Then he came to take my card and joined my playing in singing (I was playing a piece by J.S. Bach).
As he was about to leave, another guy approached – looking exactly the same as the first guy! It was as if they were twins – wearing similar cloths, similar white hair and beard and big glasses… They didn’t know each other. The 2nd guy kept saying ‘PSX’ over and over. He too, took my card. The only difference between them was that the first guy obviously enjoyed classical music, while the 2nd guy wanted me to play jazz. The two guys exchanged some words (the 2nd guy trying in vane to interest the first guy in ‘PSX’).
The 2nd guy left a note in my donnations bucket. The note explains what ‘PSX’ is:
“Merry Passover PSX – Merry Passover Season Extended….” It’s a strange note which ties together many different holidays occuring in May…

While playing ‘Over the Rainbow’ a lady stopped to show me her ‘Wizard of Oz’ collection – her purse, check book and little box all had pictures from this Judy Garland movie. She said the fact that she collects ‘Wizard of Oz’ stuff gives people an excuse to buy her presents :)

A lady by the name of Solange bought my CD and said I ought to be on ‘Oprah’. She insisted on writing her full name for me so that when I do get to be on ‘Oprah’ I would remember that she was the first one to say that I should be on ‘Oprah’…

A guy in a sailor’s hat approached, took out a small trumpet and mimed to me if he could join me in playing. I mimed a ‘no’ back.

Two police officers walked by, giving me a bit of a scare, but – what a nice surprise – one of them clapped his hands for me when I finished the piece! Smiling they went away.

NYPD at subway entrance at Union Square

A teen-ager put a package of ‘Sweet tarts’ candy in my box.
Just another day at the Union Square subway station.

Union Square subway station


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