A Dancer, a Musician and a Film Maker

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October 12, 2010
By Posted in Union Square Subway Station | 1 Comment »

While busking at the 14th street subway station, a lady named Mary told me that inspired by my musical saw playing, she found a saw. It’s an old saw, maybe from the 1930’s, with a nice carved handle. Her mother has it. She told her mother that she wants this saw, but she will probably have to do yard work for her mother in order to get the saw.

Two Nortenos playing guitar and accordion waved ‘hello’ on their way to playing on the trains.

guitar & accordion

Albert, the messenger, came to stand by me and listen to my music for a while. “Give me another tune before I have to go make a delivery”, he said.
I noticed that he wears an army disk on a chain around his neck. Turns out he was in the Marines in South Carolina 25 years ago.

Saw Lady & Albert at 14th st
Photo by Kitty

I broke four strings off my bow today. I think it has to do with the humidity.

Unusual things people put in my donations box:
A guy named Henrik Vierula put a book in my donations box. It’s a book he wrote himself, titled ‘Momentum’. He inscribed it “Dearest Natalia, Peace be with you’.

Three German guys: a dancer, a musician and a film maker, asked if the dancer could be filmed dancing to my music. They were traveling in the USA making a film about freedom. The dancer moved from East Germany to West Germany – that’s the starting point of their freedom theme.
The dancer studied Martha Graham and Merce Cunningham dance techniques, but now he does his own choreography and style.
The musician leads a choir in Germany, which performs combinations of film music and German opera.

Saw Lady
Photographer: ©Marko Kucher

At 3:09 Geo, the guitar player, came for his Music Under New York permitted spot. He had another guitar player and a percussionist playing a box with him. They play Flamenco influenced music.



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  1. Chris P. on October 19, 2010 at 2:41 am

    I like your music much thanks for playing. I have a question for you about when you busked in Prague metro station. Just wondering how it was and if you were hassled by the police there? Thanks again for the lovely music.

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