A Bracelet and a Dollar Shirt

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October 31, 2010
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While I was busking at the 14th street subway station, a lady gave me a yellow bracelet made of very soft rubber. The bracelet was shaped like a saw! She said she found it at the bottom of a pool, together with two other similar bracelets in different shapes (one was shaped like a high heel shoe). She said she really likes the bracelets, but when she saw me playing a saw she sensed that this was a sign that she should give me the saw shaped bracelet. This is the coolest thing anybody ever put in my donations box! I will cherish it forever.

A gentleman put a dollar bill in my donations box, folded origami style to be in the form of a shirt with a collar. I would never want to use this dollar bill!

Dollar shirt

Delphin Tardio, the singer/guitar player, was freelancing today (this means he is busking without a permit. He was going to check out the L train platform.
Albert, the messenger, stopped on his way to making a delivery to East Broadway. “Give me a tune”, he said to me. “I’m addicted to your music”.

Saw Lady & Albert at 14th st
Photo by Kitty
‘Saw Lady’ & Albert at 14th st

A gentleman stood by me,listening for a while. “I play classical guitar”, he said.
A guy walking past me said “I don’t see you at Times Square any more”.

Four Nortenos walked by, transferring from the downtown to the uptown train.
Ben Gooding, an 85 year old singer who busks with Music Under New York, said ‘hi’. He is feeling better now and is back performing in the subway. He had just performed at the LIRR station.

Ben Gooding
Ben Gooding

At 3pm Samantah Margulis, the opera/Broadway singer with the great voice and gorgeous wardrobe came for her permitted busking spot. As always when we meet, she recommended some stores for cool Goth type clothes to me. She just got an amp – a Roland, that works on AA batteries. She used to sing un-amplified before.



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