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It was raining as I left my house to go play in the NYC subway.
A gentleman offered to help me take my gear up the stairs at the subway station. When we got to the top of the stairs we saw a lady fall to the floor. The guy helped her up while I picked up her glasses and handed them to her.
A lady who was inside the station (on the other side of the fence) asked the lady that fell if she wants paramedics to be called. The lady who fell said ‘no’ and that she just wants to sit down. There are no seats there so she sat on the floor.

Poster in subway

There was nobody at the Music Under New York spot at Union Square.

A homeless man was walking down the station.
There were two oriental girls talking on the bench. The umbrella of one of them fell to the floor under the bench. The homeless man approached her and told her about her umbrella. She picked her umbrella up. The homeless man continued on his path, waved ‘hello’ to me and went to the garbage can to look for something.

Albert, the messenger guy, was on his way to making a delivery. He said he’ll be back in a while.
The blond blind lady waved to me. I guess she must be able to see a little bit (she walks with a blind person’s cane).
About 20 cops walked by in a group.


Jed (half of the brothers’ duo Heth & Jed who play guitars with loops in the subway) walked by on his way to having lunch with his brother. He said they have a permit to play at this spot tomorrow.

Heth & Jed

The homeless guy with a hook hand told me that the guitar player who sits in a wheel chair saw him a couple of days ago and wanted his $3 back. (See beginning of this thread here). The hook-hand homeless guy told me that he told the guitar player that I said if he wants his banner back he should come and get it from me himself. I told the hook-hand guy what happened with the banner – that my suspicions were right and that the guitar player had stolen the banner.
As usual, the hook-hand guy asked me to play ‘Over the Rainbow’ for him.

The homeless guy with the hook hand asked me for $3. He said he will give me back $5 on April 10th. I told him he only needs to give me back $3. I don’t really expect him to give me anything back but it will be interesting to see if he is a man of his word.

A guy from Boston told me that he has been playing the musical saw for a year. He accompanies a lady who sings pre-civil war songs. I invited him to the Musical Saw Festival in July.

The guitar player of Grupo Wayno arrived. He sat on the bench and read while waiting for the rest of his group (Andean musicians) to show up for their permitted time slot at the spot.
I had to leave anyway because I had a gig this evening at a show called ‘What’s My Line’.

On the platform Ilya Radu was playing accordion, as usual.

Ilya Radu


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