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I arrived at the Music Under New York spot at The Times Square subway station at 11:30am. There was nobody at the spot, and loud music was coming from the record store next door.
I went into the store and asked a guy working in there if they could turn their music down, because I have a permit to play next to the store and since I am acoustic, I can’t battle their loud sound. The store worker said that the buskers kill his store’s business… He said that 95% of the buskers are loud bands. Finally he reluctantly agreed to lower the volume a little for me.

Times Square subwat station

Later on the store owner came to me and said, with a big smile on his face: “today the trains are making more sound than either we or you”. It was true, the trains were particularly loud today. I was happy that the store owner doesn’t regard me as his enemy anymore.

A gentleman by the name of Benjamin told me that he is 60 years old and has 17 siblings. His father was a priest. Benjamin was on his way to treat a terminally ill patient in NJ. He works for GNC but his creativity is in tile work and such.
“I’m not sure if you’re playing the saw or the saw is playing you”, he said. I totally agreed – “I’m not sure either”.
Benjamin told me that he saw someone in Florida playing a two-men saw.

A guy bought my CD and told me that his father saw me playing a while back and he asked his son that if he sees “a woman playing a weird instrument at the Times Square subway station” that he should buy my CD for him.

Times Square subway station

The actor who did story-telling for kids at the Halloween event at Central Park where I was a saw playing witch came to say ‘hi’.
A guy asked me: “You have a cold?”
Saw Lady: “Allergies”
Guy: “Camomile tea. Don’t forget – camomile tea”.

At 3pm Delta Dave, the blues guitar/harmonica/singer who sits in a wheel chair, showed up with his permit for the spot. He told me that he played down in the Village by a restaurant – he got a big crowd and things were great until the police shut him down.

Delta Dave


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