The Art of Freezing Gatorade

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November 3, 2008
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A guy helped me carry my busking gear up the stairs at the subway station. “Thank you, you’re my angel!” I said. He laughed as he said “You’re welcome”.

Geo was playing guitar at the Times Square mezzanine busking spot but nobody was at the Mosaics spot. Delta Dave was on his way to playing at the Shuttle. Meghan of Dagmar passed by so I introduced her to Dave. A discussion about freezing Gatorade followed. We all agreed that we need water when playing in the subway and Meghan said she also needs sugar when playing in the subway, so Gatorade is a good solution. She said freezing Gatorade is not easy – the gooey stuff in it freezes first and then it doesn’t taste good. She said if you get it just slushy frozen – that’s good. That’s the art of freezing Gatorade.


Juan Castillo was looking for a spot to play and Graywolf, the homeless Andean musician, said he is doing good busking in Brooklyn. He is working on two CDs – one of Jewish music, for his large Jewish following in Brooklyn. He is getting a section 8 apartment in Queens. “I used to do a lot of stuff for the homeless” he said, “now I end up homeless”.


The guy who used to illegally sell turnstile swipes when he was a kid came by with his wife and two babies – twins, a boy and a girl named Elaina and Nicholas. “How does it feel to be a father?” I asked. “Good” he said. “It gives you muscles… :) ” I noted as he was carrying one baby bed (with a baby in it) in each hand.

It was very hot. I was trying to gage my water drinking so that I won’t run out of water and wouldn’t have to go to the bathroom…but I was really thirsty. Water tastes so good when you’re thirsty.

I could hear somebody playing steel drums. I recognized ‘Hava Nagila’ as the melody.

An MTA employee wearing a light blue shirt said “Satie – Erik Satie – I have this at home. French composer – didn’t write much”, as I was playing ‘Gymnopedie’. When I was done playing the piece he said “play it again, Sam”. So, I played it again.

As I passed by the mezzanine on my way home, an Andean group was just leaving the spot. I said ‘hi’ to Jorge Olmedo, the flute player from Ecuador, who agreed with me – it’s too hot and humid today.
I couldn’t wait to get home to have a drink of water.


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