Spirituality in the NYC Subway

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At one moment when I busked at the Times Square subway I intended to stop my play-list and go back to the beginning. But before I was able to do so, ‘Moon River’ started to play, and I found myself playing it. I was thinking to myself: “why am I playing this song now? I don’t want to play it, I want to go back to the songs at the beginning of my play-list!”, and yet I kept playing “Moon River”. 1/2 way through the song, a lady with tears in her eyes came to me and told me: “This was my parent’s favorite song. My father died a year ago Tuesday, and my mother’s birthday would have been day after tomorrow”.
Then I understood why I found myself playing this song I didn’t really intend to play. Sometimes we are “angels”, meaning “messengers”. We do something that is meaningful to someone else – it’s for them, not for us. Most of the time we don’t even realize we are being used as “angels”.

Saw Lady busking at Times Square subway

While busking at the Union Square subway, as I was playing ‘Ave Maria’ a gentleman dressed in a suit & hat stopped to listen to me. After about a minute he took off his hat, pressed it to his chest, closed his eyes and started praying, facing me. It was a bit odd – it felt as if he was praying TO me… like I was the altar to which he was directing his prayer… The weirdness of it aside, I’m glad my music inspires people to connect with their spiritual side.

First time I got a coin from the Bahamas in my busking “hat”!
Thank you to the kind person who put it there. I keep all the foreign currency I get, in the intention of using it when I visit the countries they came from.


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