Sometimes we need a blessing…

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September 15, 2014
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Today was pretty “dead” in the subway when I was playing at the Times Square station. A drummer who came to say ‘hi’ to me said it was “dead” at his spot by the Grand Central Shuttle, too. “Mondays are slow”, we agreed. I was contemplating leaving early, but thought I’d hold on for a bit longer.

An old man bent over with a cane wobbled his way to me and said “have a prosperous day”. It was the way he said it, like he thought about it and really meant it. From that moment onward – the subway “came to life”: people were listening/watching me, coming to talk with me, etc. I looked in the direction the old man went, but he was gone in an instant, even though he walked slowly…
He changed my day. Sometimes we just need a blessing…

The Saw Lady

Photographer Tamara Hayes



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