Psychotherapy Session

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A nice guy in a green shirt helped me bring my busking gear up all 4 flights of stairs leading to the elevated subway platform – the help was much appreciated, especially since it was another hot, sticky day with temperatures in the 90’s.

My Music Under New York permit today was for the relatively new spot, by the mosaics at the Times Square station. It’s always a blessing when the MTA agrees to give buskers another spot to play at.

Mosaics at Times Square

As I was playing the musical saw a guy stopped to tell me that when he heard my sound he thought it was the singing of an Italian singer named Edda Dell’Orso.
A teenage kid said “I like your Tripps”. He pointed out his own pants and those of his two friends – they were all similar to mine.

Saw Lady

A guy said: “I haven’t seen you in a while. I still have your picture in my book from years ago”.

A guy videotaping me asked that I say “Yo to all of you in the Mid West”.

A guy told me that he has the domain name ‘’. He designed a plan with marketing for a TV competition, which he wanted to sell to a TV network. He was crushed to discover MSG TV is doing “his” idea. I told him it has been done before, and if he waits a year or so he could then introduce his plan to some networks – people forget and everything old is new again. He told me his family is from Croatia. His sister built an apartment complex there, so he can go there whenever he wants to stay. He said he felt better after our conversation and jokingly said “how much do I owe you for this psychotherapy session?”:)

MSG TV NYC Soundtracks banner

A guy playing harp, who didn’t pass the last Music Under New York audition, was looking for a spot to busk. His wife was helping him carry the harp. They asked me about my amplifier – they would like to amplify the harp in the subway.

At 4pm Luellen Abdoo, who bills herself as the “Wedding Violinist”, came for her permitted spot. She recently had a gig playing at Patelson’s Music Store (the most famous music store in NYC).

Luellen Abdoo

Meghan from Dagmar (rock duo) said ‘hi’ as I was packing up – she was on her way to opening a DBA. Music is a business, too.



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