Playing Musical Saw Up on a Tree at Halloween

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The subway train was not working properly today. I had to actually take a train that was going in the opposite direction in order to catch a train to Times Square!
So, I got to the Music Under New York (MUNY) spot at Times Square later than I usually do.
The Agua Clara band that was playing there this morning were surprised that I didn’t show up, as they know I usually show up about 1/2 an hour ahead of time.
I noticed that Angel, the leader of the band, had his hair cut. He wasn’t happy with the hair cut, but I thought he looked great.

Agua Clara

Kelly, the subway musician’s number one fan, was there, sitting on her portable chair, listening to the band.

Giovanni, the mandolin player from South America who has been playing in the subway as a freelancer for a long time came over to talk. He had just passed the Music Under NY audition and was very happy about it. He is playing together with a violin player these days. I’m really happy he got into the permit program – he really deserves it as he is not only a great musician but he is also a dedicated subway musician. You could say that he “paid his dues” as a freelancer in the subway :)


An older gentleman told me that he used to play the musical saw when he was young. He used to climb a tree on Halloween and play the musical saw up there to scare people walking by. How cool!

Dwayne’s hip hop dance group showed up, as well as Steven Clark, the Michael Jackson dancer.

Michael Jackson dancer

They decided to wait for my spot even though it was a more than an hour long wait.
I haven’t seen Dwayne’s hip hop group for a while. It turned out it was because they were on tour. They gigged in Baltimore, Philadelphia, DC, etc.
As I was packing up and they were setting up, putting on their shoes and dance cloths (they use the area behind the pole as their “green room”) we talked. They have been on tour all over the world – Australia, New Zealand, Amsterdam.
Dwayne and his partner (the two main guys of the troupe) had new matching outfits – blue shorts and hat and a white striped dress shirts. They looked very nice.
They had 6 or 7 guys in the troupe today. One of them told me he is 30 years old and that’s actually too old to dance. He said he will dance a little bit today.

Hip hop dancers


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