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September 4, 2008
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When I got to the Music Under New York spot at the Times Square subway station Salieu Suso, the Kora player from Africa, was playing at the spot. There was a guy with a long beard sitting on the floor, leaning against the other column from the one Suso was by.
As I was waiting for Suso to be finished playing a lady with luggage asked me how to get to Port-Authority. I often serve as a “tourist information center” while playing in the subway :)


As Suso was packing up his gear, the guy who was sitting on the floor came to say he enjoyed the music. He had no teeth and smelled of alcohol. He asked what the instrument Suso played was. “Kora” Suso said. “No, it’s not – it’s a unicorn” said the guy. “You got it” Suso replied.

Saw Lady at Times Square
Photographer: © Rachel S. Geylin

As I was setting up my gear a young guy asked me when I’m going to be in this spot.

Romero, the singer who sings on trains with acapella groups, told me that he wanted to take the day off from singing in the subway today, but his friends wanted to sing, so he is going to sing with them. “You’re in demand!” I told him.
Caleb Aruda, the guitarist turned violinist, said ‘hi’ on his way to his spot of the day in the subway.

Caleb Aruda

A couple from Hawaii told me their son had asked me what my schedule in this spot is earlier today. They just arrived in NYC and are staying until Tuesday. They came looking for me on their son’s recommendation and now they can check me off their list of things to see in NYC, they said.

Edgar from Raices Group (Andean music) stopped to chat. He had a friend from Barcelona with him. Edgar is now organizing a big event of Andean music. He showed me his name is on an ad in the record store window by our spot in the subway. Ironically, Edgar doesn’t play at this spot any more, because of the owner of this store who doesn’t want musicians here.

Raices Group


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