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September 17, 2008
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As I was climbing the stairs up to the subway station with my busking gear, a lady, also climbing the stairs, who was disabled (she was limping) offered to help me carry my gear up the stairs. She could barely walk herself, yet she saw I was struggling with my cart and offered to help! Some people are just so amazingly nice.

Up stairs

A guy told me that watching me play the musical saw reminds him of a video from Japan he saw on YouTube, of a toy car fixed with sticks protruding on both sides. As the car sped between two rows of bottles filled with water to different degrees, the sticks hit the bottles and produced a tune.

Times Square

Will, the MTA employee I always see at Times Square, told me he is a track inspector. He waits every day to be called for track inspection within two miles of Times Square. For example, when a train gets stuck, he has to go inspect the tracks. I told him that I hope he stays bored during his job – meaning, there would be no train troubles. He said that while waiting for a call, he passes the time reading.

Blackwolf, the Central Park Dragon Master, told me he is on Facebook now, as well as MySpace. He will work at an event at Union Square in “full regalia” tomorrow, he said.


A guy who works as a guard at the employee entrance of Madison Square Garden remembered me from my gig there. His name is David. He grew up Catholic. Only after his mother died he discovered that he is actually Jewish, so now he wears a necklace with a big ‘Star of David’ – his name sake.


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