Hair is an Asset of Strength

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Today was a gorgeous day – finally the sun is shining and it actually feels like spring.
On my way to the subway I saw Luke, the guitar player/singer/songwriter. He was on his way home back from playing at the Grand Central Station shuttle (his favorite spot) and he was going to sit on a bench in the park for a while to catch some sun.


I got to my spot at 11:45 and Raices group was there.
While I was waiting for them to finish I talked with Chill and Bow, the two brothers who sing on the trains. They were just starting their day – they did one round trip on the train and were looking for their third partner, who told them on the phone that he was coming but he hadn’t showed up…
Chill had his hair cut real short. He was looking better (he was very ill recently).

As Raices Group were packing up and I was setting up Edgar told me that in his Inka tradition, hair is an asset of strength. That is why he and his partner wear their hair down when they perform. After we die the body decays but our hair stays much longer than the flesh. Hence – strength.

Raices Group - Edgar

Edgar and his partner the Crow are going to L.A. for two weeks. The Crow used to play there in 1993 and he said it’s a good city to busk at.

Ming the cellist waved as he walked by, looking for a spot. He sold me his amp a while back (he graduated to a larger one).


Giovani and Sixto stoped to chat on their way to finding a spot to play at. They applied to audition for Music Under New York this year.


At 12:45 the police arrived for their dayly gathering. Today they stood further away from me, but there were many of them – at least 15 cops. As they walked by me after their meeting was over one of them exclaimed “a SAW!”

The guitarist from Andes Fusion came to say ‘hi’ on his way to playing at 14th street.

Lots of tourists out today and parents with kids. There is a spring feeling in the air.
Despite the warm weather (I didn’t even need a sweater today!) the cleaning guy at the station was still wearing his red coat. I told him he should go outside to catch some sun.

The Dianetcs walked by carrying their folded tables and chairs. I’m guessing they were catching the ‘N’ train to 14th street where they like to set up.

The older Chinese guy who plays the hammer dulcimer walked by, hurrying to his spot.

As I was packing up to go home I talked with the Wizard guy (he performs at Central Park). He said he hadn’t slept for 2 days. He will be participating in the Easter Parade this Sunday.



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