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January 25, 2009
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On my way to busking at Times Square, through the open doors of the train at 59th street I could see and hear the older Chinese guy playing a hammer dulcimer.
Luke Ryan, the singer-songwriter who plays guitar, was at the Music Under New York spot by the big mosaics. Juan Castillo passed by, carrying his mandolin, looking for a busking spot, as did two Nortenos wearing black hats – they were on their way to playing on the trains. Lots of buskers everywhere today.

dulcimer busker

A sociology teacher from the former Yugoslavia, who now teaches at LaGuardia College, was happy to come across me and discover the musical saw because it’s an instrument that doesn’t come from any particular country. Because this instrument hails from everywhere, it shows the similarity of people.

Unusual donation of the day: a guy put a ‘Caribou Coffee’ granola bar (vanilla latte flavor) in my donations box.

granola bar

Delta Dave, the blues guitar player/singer who also plays harmonica, stopped to chat on his way to playing at the Shuttle.
I could hear a flute sound coming from the platform.

A guy I see often told me that he doesn’t feel good. He’s tired, so he can’t stay to listen to my playing. He drives a cab, usually on weekends. He said it’s hard making a living.

On the mezzanine Floyed Lee was playing Mississippi Delta blues with a group of young players I’ve never seen before.

Floyd Lee

On the platform a Chinese guy was playing erhu.
The subway was overflowing with buskers today.


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  1. Kev Brown on January 25, 2009 at 5:07 pm

    That bottom photo is nice…it’s a good shot!

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