A Little Mermaid

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February 18, 2009
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Walking towards my busking spot at Times Square, I ran into Erubay, an Andean busker who told me that there will be a memorial concert at the Grand Central Station for Arturo, the Andean busker who died recently.
I was on my way to the Music Under New York spot by the mosaics, while Erubay was on his way to the mezzanine spot, where he will be playing first with Faustino’s group, followed by the Agua Clara band. He has a long day ahead of him, of at least 6 hours of playing.


When I got to the MUNY spot, Lu Zong Li was playing Chinese flute there. He is a freelancer. He arrived in the USA 3 years ago and because he can’t speak English he couldn’t get a job, so he has been playing in the subway. He is learning English, and I am able to communicate with him a little bit. He is a very nice gentleman.

As I was setting up my busking gear a 4 year old girl recognized me from the Halloween event at Central Park. The funny thing is, I remembered her, too – she was dressed as a little mermaid at that event.

kid at Halloween event

A white statue lady said ‘hi’ to me on her way to busking as a living statue.
A lady was handing out flyers and stealing my audience…
At 4pm there was loud drumming sounds coming from the corridor, but I was ready to call it a day anyway.


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One Response to A Little Mermaid

  1. Dan on February 18, 2009 at 11:58 pm

    Hi there,

    First let me say your music is truly beautiful. I’ve never heard a saw sound like that. Keep up the great art.
    Second, I have a question about permits in nyc subway.
    I know that one needs a permit for any electric device (I want to use a battery powered amp). But I dont know if I need to play for MUNY or some other pannel.
    You seem to know about these things so I was hoping you could help.
    Thanks so much,

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