If I Murder My Wife, Can I Marry You?

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Climbing the stairs up to the subway station with my heavy busking gear, I noticed a guy wearing an MTA shirt who was also walking up the stairs.
“Excuse me…” I said to him.
MTA guy: “I’m sorry, I can’t help you (motioning to my busking cart) – MTA rules – we can’t touch anything”.
Stunned, I continued to drag my busking cart up the stairs. When I finally reached the token booth area, the MTA guy was inside the token booth. He noticed me and said: “I’m sorry”. Then he motioned to me to just go through the gate, without paying.
As far as I was concerned – we were even :)

Elevated train station

On the train three acapella singers got on and sang ‘Pretty Little girl’. One of them recognized me and as they passed by my seat he shook my hand.

acapella singers

I made it to the Staten Island ferry boat in the nick of time – I was the last person through before they closed the doors. It was the old ferry boat named John F. Kennedy. It had old wooden seats and windows that open face-hight.


A cop approached me.
Saw Lady: “Do you want to see my permit?”
Cop: “No, not at all. I knew I married the wrong girl! If I murder my wife, can I marry you?”
Saw Lady: “I have a better idea – have your wife learn to play the musical saw!”

A guy told me that my last name means ‘hair’ in Rumanian…

A guy was cleaning the two aquariums through their roof. It took him a whole hour to clean each one of them.


I took the Andrew J. Barberi ferry boat back to Manhattan. It’s a modern boat with deck seating!


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2 Responses to If I Murder My Wife, Can I Marry You?

  1. Mickey Davis on June 16, 2010 at 1:51 am

    My four year old and I met you in the subway yesterday. I went to Ulpan Givattayim (Citah Aleph PLUS!); my wife was only in Citah Aleph, but she is genuinely Romanian and she tells me Paruz definitely does not mean “hair” in Romanian, nor does it mean anything else in that language. Maybe some other language! Anyway, we enjoyed seeing you and you are definitely the best saw player I have ever heard (and I’ve heard a few). Gorgeous intonation! I put my child to sleep today playing one of your clips.

  2. Saw Lady on June 18, 2010 at 12:05 am

    Hi Mickey,

    It was nice meeting you guys at the Shuttle! Thank you for asking your wife about my name – I’m glad it doesn’t mean “hair”…
    Thank you for your kind words. I’m curious as to where you’ve heard other saw players. If you want to hear a lot of saw players all at once – the 8th annual NYC Musical Saw Festival is the place to go (coming up August 7th: http://www.MusicalSawFestival.org ).

    If you run into me again – come and say ‘hi’!

    All the best,


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