Playing Musical Saw for an FIT Drawing Class

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October 23, 2010
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I love working with artists of different disciplines. The cross inspiration is magical. I was very fortunate to be invited back to work at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) as a musical saw playing model.
A few years ago artist and teacher Heidi Younger invited me to model for her first year class. Now she invited me to model for a 3rd year class. I could see the difference between first year and 3rd year students – for one thing, their confidence level in their creations is higher. And, wow, is that class oozing with talent!

The class lasted from 12noon to 3pm. 10 students sat around the room – mostly behind desks but some chose to sit on the floor. Some were in front of me or on either side of me, but a couple were sitting behind me. I was very curious to see the paintings created from that rear view.

musical saw figurine

These students are at a point where they are ready to choose their own medium (instead of being told by the teacher what medium to use). Some of them did black & white illustrations, others chose color, but one student, Rosa, has a very unique talent – she is a wizard with soft, colorful clay-like material (sort of like “Fimo” but it never hardens).
Now I’ve been painted before, but never ever has anybody made a figurine of me playing the saw before. Rosa’s creation was a huge treat for me. The amount of fine detail she managed to put in this 2″ by 1.75″ figurine is astounding:

FIT Rosa Figurine

Isn’t it the coolest thing?

At the end of the class the students showed me their work and allowed me to photograph it. I am so grateful to them for this, because seeing their creations was the height of the day for me.

SawLady painting
SawLady painting
SawLady painting

This last drawing is by Alyssa Steele who loves angels and animals.

SawLady painting
This is Rosa and her painting

SawLady painting
SawLady painting
SawLady painting
SawLady painting
SawLady painting
SawLady painting
SawLady painting

The last painting is by Michael Watson.

Can you imagine – Rosa, Alyssa and Michael GAVE me their artwork as a present!!! I was beaming with joy all the way home, peeping at the artwork I was carrying in a plastic bag. The pay an FIT model receives is soon spent and forgotten, but Rosa’s, Alyssa’s and Michael’s artwork will stay with me for ever. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Much gratitude to Heidi Younger for the incredible experience.


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