What Does Golf Have To Do With ‘Star Trek’?

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At the 34th street subway station, after I finished playing the ‘Star Trek’ theme, a guy who was video-taping me on his i-phone asked me to play it again. He placed his i-phone on his bag and he stood by me. While I played he made golf playing motions…
He accidentally dropped his sun glasses and didn’t notice it. Another guy passing by picked up the sunglasses and handed them to the guy who lost them.
When I was done playing I asked the guy what golf has to do with ‘Star Trek’. “When my buddies and I play golf we make the ‘Star Trek’ sounds”, he said. “Why?” I asked. “To distract the player”, he said. He is going to send his friends the video he made with me as an inside joke.
“I want to catch that guy and give him a dollar”, he said as he ran after the guy who returned his lost sun-glasses to him.

The ultimate compliment to a busker is when a police officer buys the busker’s CD (instead of chasing the busker away):

Thank you Kerim from Turkey for being there at the right moment to document it!


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