Three Musical Saw Players in One Family

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On the train on my way to busking in the subway, three singers busking on the train said ‘hi’ to me. I told them that I’ll be busking at the 34th street subway station today. They said they will listen for me as they change train cars there throughout the day.


When I got to the Music Under New York busking spot in the subway, Scout (a.k.a. Eunique) was singing there. When somebody asked him how much his CD is, Scout, like a pro, didn’t stop singing. Rather, while singing, he put his mic down and mimed “10” with his hands.


A lady told me that when she was little, during WWII in Hamburg, Germany, across from her family’s apartment was a family named Schneider, who had 3 members of the family playing musical saw! She has not seen musical saw playing since them until she ran into me in the subway. This family of musical saw players moved, and also her family moved, so she doesn’t know what became of them.


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