Nobody Feels Like Being on Time on Monday

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As I was riding the subway train on my way to busking in the subway, three guys singing ‘This Little Light of Mine’ said ‘hi’ to me as they transferred to the next car. One of them told me that he’s trying to battle a cold, and he’s singing with a soar throat. “Drink honey with hot water”, I said to him as he left the car. “Good idea”, he said, “I’ll do that”.

Acapela singers on train

After about 14 years of busking at the 34th street subway station in the NYC subway, I just now discovered that there is a public toilet this subway station…

Bo and the singer who walks with a cane were working the trains together today. They used to be two separate acapela busking groups, but I guess since Bo’s brother Chil can’t sing anymore due to an illness, and because Remero is busy with his own singing career taking off, these two acapela groups joined forces.

A guy said to me: “See you at the ferry“.
A guy from Ecuador told me tht he is inspired to learn to play violin from seeing Michael Shulman playing in the subway.

Michael Shulman

The guitar playing busker told me that he got my e-mail about the Musical Saw Festival and that he woud like to participate. He plays a Sears saw and it’s very limited in range. I advised him about where to get a good musical saw.

A police lady asked to see my busking permit. “Until 3 o’clock”, she said as she looked at it.

One of Duane’s hip-hop dancers said ‘hi’. Besides street dancing he has also been DJing for 30 years. He said his breakdance troop is doing mostly outside performances now.

Duane's breakdancers

The guitar playing singer who works the trains kept me company as I packed up my busking gear. Turns out she has been busking for 19 years – two years longer than me.

Duane’s dancers were gathering by the Music Under New York busking spot, but Duane was late bringing their busking equipment. “He’s on Monday time”, the guitar playing singer said. “No body feels like being on time on Monday”.


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