Last Wassailing Day in the NYC Subway

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December 24, 2016
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Today was my last wassailing day of 2016 in the NYC subway:
╰☆╮A guy told me it is 3 years now that I have been putting a smile on his face.
╰☆╮A guy from Texas told me last time he visited NYC I was his favorite NYC subway busker. He has been telling his friends & family about me, and he couldn’t believe that he actually ran into me busking in the subway again 20 years later!
╰☆╮I was puzzled to see unfamiliar coins marked “dollar” in my donations bucket. Turns out the currency in Australia is also called “dollars”!
╰☆╮Thank you to all who stumbled upon me busking in the subway today! And HUGE thank you to the kind soul who put a German commemorative good-luck coin in my donations bucket! I LOVE it! It says: “ich bringe glück gesundheit und erfolg” which means “I bring good luck, health, and success” on one side, and there is a picture of a chimney sweep on the other side (shaking the hand of a chimney sweep is known to bring good luck) and the year 2017.

German good luck coin

So this is what I wish all of you on this eve of Christmas Eve and Hanuka: good luck, health, and success to you all!
╰☆╮Happy Holidays, whatever you celebrate!╰☆╮


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