We don’t see stuff like this in Jersey City

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September 6, 2008
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Traveling on the train towards my subway busking spot at the Grand Central Shuttle, I ran into Romero who was preparing to start his busking day, singing on the trains with a friend. The singers held hands and said a prayer before starting their day.
Romero told me that he is not singing in the subway with ‘The Fellows’ any more. He said he is more business oriented – he is going to a recording studio with a label.

The Fellows

I passed by the Times Square busking spot – it was empty. This used to be the hottest spot in town, always busy with buskers. Now, ever since the music store opened near by – nobody wants to busk there anymore. Isn’t it ironic that a music store would put a stop to music…

Unusual things in my donations bucket: a guy gave me a new Trident Splash chewing gum packet – unopened. Sugar-free, strawberry/lime falavored, 9 pieces.

A guy video-taped me for his girl-friend in Jersey City to see. He heard me from upstairs, as he was heading to the #7 train. At first he thought it was a singer he was hearing, but then he realized it must be me. He saw me on Halloween at 14th street. He told his girl-friend about me then, but she didn’t believe him. “We don’t see stuff like this in Jersey City” he said.

Saw Lady at the Shuttle
Photographer: © Aaron Porter

Frank, the guitar playing singer/whistler, finished playing for today. He said he has to go get his car fixed before inspection next week. He said it will be 90 degrees today.


As I was playing I heard a voice from behind saying “Saw Lady”. It was a man pushing an orange supermarket cart. As he passed by me he looked at me and said “Saw Lady”.

Unusual coins in my donations box today: coins from Trinidad & Tobago.

Shuttle area

On the Shuttle train on my way back home a guy selling ‘The Villager’ newspaper said in his spiel to the captive audience that he gives food to homeless people and needs to send his daughter to music school at Berkley. He said he used to sleep on the Shuttle. I gave him the chewing gum I was given earlier today. He said he will give it to his daughter. He said he sees me around a lot.


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