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February 25, 2010
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On my way to my Music Under New York busking spot at the Grand Central Station’s Shuttle, I passed by Scout, the rhythm and blues/pop/jazz singer who goes by the name Eunique. He was busking at Times Square.


A lady, upon giving me a donation, said: “What can I say – the day is better!”

A guy told me that there was a musical theater show called ‘The Burnt Part Boys’ at the Vineyard Theater, about mining in 1962, and in this show there is a boy who plays a musical saw but “not very well”, the guy said. He also said that he “didn’t enjoy the show but it did have a musical saw player in it”.

Four kids danced a waltz to my music. At first they were clumsy but then they got better.

At 1:45 Scout said ‘hi’ on his way back home from busking.
At 2:05 Juan Castillo, the charango mandolin player, dressed very nicely in a pressed white shirt, greeted me as he rushed to the train with his busking gear.

Juan Castillo

Yily Nelson came for his permitted busking spot at 3:30. As I was packing up he played a beautiful Brazilian song on his guitar. He told me that every Wednesday he plays at a restaurant on Broadway and 200th street, with a pianist and a violinist.

Yily Nelson

On the Shuttle train, on my way back home, the guy who begs for money and talks about his 10 year old daughter was working the crowd.
At Times Square Geo was busking, playing guitar.
When I got to the platform someone was continuing to whistle the song Geo was playing upstairs.


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