The Busker (poem)

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October 9, 2008
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~The Busker~

Softly strumming, lost in Song
Heedless of the Passing Throng…
Seemed to me
his distant gaze
Sought the Hope of better days.
Undernourished , poorly dressed..
Life had dealt him second ..

Threading chords , he charmed the Air …
In the busy Subway .. where..
Now and then .. a Head would ..turn ..
Something of his skill ,discern …
Old familiar Blues he crooned…
Telling of a Life , Marooned ..
Yet Lyrics could convey
All his heart might wish to say

~~and ..far too soon…along came a Train ..
Left me Pensive for a while …
Trying hard to Reconcile ….
Talent on the Subway ..
..with all the Artists found on TV.. …but talent free…


This poem is by leprichaun_magic, Ireland.


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  1. Edwin on October 17, 2008 at 3:33 pm

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