You’re Gonna Cut Somebody With That?

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At the Music Under New York busking spot at 59th street, Tantz from Brazil was sitting on the bench, playing acoustic classical guitar. When I showed up with the MUNY permit he said he would go play on the platform downstairs.

As I was setting up to play a guy looked in the garbage can next to me. He then showed me he had a plastic sward and motioned to my musical saw saying we have a similar thing in out possession :)

Saw Lady
Photo by Oscar Durand

Two guys wearing orange/yellow coats were ripping the old ads on the walls off.

Pat, the painter who exhibits his paintings in Union Square, came to say ‘hi’.
“You haven’t abandoned 14th street, have you?”, he asked. That’s the spot where he usually sees me. Pat is now selling political buttons along with his art work. He moved his exhibit to the area by the Metropolitan Museum, but he plans to return to Union Square for the Christmas season.

A kid, looking at the musical saw asked me: “You’re gonna cut somebody with that?”
Three Nortenos (two playing guitar and one playing accordion) wearing white hats got on the train at 2:20.


It was cold and there were frequent over-head announcements about the express train running on the local track due to a staled train at 86th street. So, I decided to call it a day.
On the lower level platform there was the guy wearing a sign around his neck saying ‘Homeless, Hungry, HIV positive’. He was standing at his usual spot by the stairs. I asked him if he wants candy. He said ‘No’.


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  1. Kev Brown on January 22, 2009 at 4:48 pm

    That photo of the guitar guys going up the stairs (or going down backwards) is great!

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