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A nice couple helped me bring my busking gear up the stairs at the subway station. Turns out he is a bass player and she is my friend on MySpace!

As I was setting up at the 59th street subway station, a Norteno musician was waiting for the train, practicing his guitar quietly on the bench.


A gentleman I see often at this station stopped to say ‘hi’. Turns out his name is Thomas and he is a psychologist. He grew up in my neighborhood, so we talked about his old block and how the scene is changing there on account of nice old buildings being torn down to make space for ugly, tall buildings, which are out of character for the neighborhood.
Thomas works at a hospital up town, “which is why you see me here all the time”, he said.

A guy eating ice cream told me that the last time he heard a musical saw was 40 years ago, in the mid-west.

Totally not related to my busking: Vogue Magazine compaird me to Yoko Ono… when I played for designer Yeohlee’s Fashion Week runway show earlier this week.
You can hear my musical saw as the models walk on the run way in the 2nd half of this NY1 TV report of Fashion Week (fast forward to 1:10). Unfortunately I’m not seen by the camera, but at least I’m heard! (Turn off the audio player on the right hand side of the blog before turning on the video):


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