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When I arrived at the 59th street subway station there was an erhu player on the N/R platform. I headed to the Music Under New York spot on the #6 train platform.

Erhu player

The singer who walks with a cane and his singing partner said ‘hi’ on their way to singing on the train.
A lady asked me: “What kind of bow do you use?”
A bold man sat on the bench and said hello to me. It took me a whole song to remember where I knew him from… He was here last week, too. It’s easy for people to remember me (how many ladies with a saw do you see a day?) but sometimes it’s hard for me to remember why a face looks familiar to me in the sea of faces that pass me by. Turns out this man is a yoga instructor. He told me that that is what he would really like to do but for now he paints houses for a living.
A lady asked me: “Do you take Ballet?”

Saw Lady
Photo by Oscar Durand

A sanitation lady surrounded by teenagers in blue vests (they have to do community service to pay for something illegal they did) said to me: “I thought you were singing!”

A guy playing guitar on the trains stepped off the train and came to listen to my playing while waiting for the next train.
A lady with two kids asked me: “Do you know where the Museum of Natural History is?”

On the platform opposite where I was, across the tracks from where I was sitting, a guy wearing a Music Under New York shirt waved to me. He was carrying an accordion case.

Saw Lady
Photo by Oscar Durand

A guy said to me: “See you next time!” and got on the train.
A lady asked me: “How do I get to the 4/5 trains?”
A guy asked me: “How do I get to the United Nations?”
Three Nortenos wearing white hats – two playing guitar and one playing accordion, where playing on the trains.


A guy asked me: “How do I get to the downtown side?”
As I was packing up to go home a guy asked me: “How was your day today?”


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2 Responses to Questions

  1. cath on May 8, 2008 at 2:07 am

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I wish I were there in Vilnius for Street Music Day. Also, I hope to hear you in New York sometime soon… Your music is absolutely mesmerizing!

  2. 5inister on May 9, 2008 at 8:21 pm

    More questions:
    If I ever go to New York where can I look for you?

    A fan quite south of you.

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