Moving Garbage

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A nice young man helped me bring my busking gear up the last two flights of stairs just in time for the train’s arrival. That allowed me not to spend any time waiting on the open subway platform in the cold.

elevated subway station

At the Music Under New York busking spot at 59th street there were two big garbage bags and two brooms right where I was supposed to set up. I moved the garbage bags and brooms to the side, hoping the sanitation person wouldn’t mind, and I set up to play. Immediately two sanitation ladies came and took the garbage bags away. They didn’t mind at all that I moved it.

The guy who always carries a saxophone case gave me a military salute, as he always does.
Three Nortenos came over to listen to my playing while they were waiting for the train.


A lady named Daisy invited me to play for her grandson’s baptism. She told me that when she was little, in the Dominican Republic, an American clergyman named Pastor Brown came to preach and he played the musical saw. She said that I took her back to her childhood with my playing.

Saw Lady at 59th st
Photographer: © Brian Roche

A guy named Momchil from Bulgaria bought my CD. He told me that Bulgaria used to have nice beaches and mountains but now it’s over crowded.

At 4pm I called it a day.


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