Holding the Chair Together With My Legs While Playing

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Not many buskers go to the 59th street and Lexington subway spot of Music Under New York. I guess it’s because it’s on the platform and the noise of the trains is loud, but in my opinion it’s a great spot.

59th street subway station

When I got there I noticed that there were no hooks on the wall to hang the Music Under NY banner. I wasn’t surprised – like I said – it’s not a popular spot. I always carry some hooks with me for a situation like this, so I put the hooks up on the wall.
As I was setting up to play a guy said “where have you been? I was just thinking of you today – and here you are! I was thinking I haven’t seen Saw Lady for a long time!”
It’s so nice that people notice I was gone!

59th street subway station

As I sat on my chair I noticed it was particularly wobbly and felt very strange. I turned it over to examine it’s legs and to my alarm I saw that one side was crooked!
I tried to fix it but without much success. I decided to risk it and sit on it anyway, hoping for the best…

A policeman stood by. He was nice (which means he ignored me) but boy, as soon as he left my playing got a lot better…

59th street subway

There was a garbage-man I never saw before. He told me he was only there for the day. I asked him if he knew Jefferson, the usual man in charge of the garbage in this subway station. He told me that Jefferson is sick. “That’s what it said in the book” he told me. He said he will leave word at the office that I asked about Jefferson.

Somebody put a strange coin in my donations box – it says: 1 game token, non refundable, no cash value, 8 Mott Street, Chinatown fair, New York City…
Anybody know what this coin is for? I’m guessing it’s a video arcade.

As the day progressed my chair got worse and worse. The stick that connects the 2 front legs broke off, and the one connecting the back two legs looked like it is about to break off, too. I was basically holding the chair together with my legs while playing. Finally I couldn’t take it any more and decided it was time to retire the chair and retire for the day.

59th street station


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