Doubled-Over People

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When I got to the Music Under New York spot at 59th street & Lex there was a lady standing there all doubled over, looking at the floor… She stood like that for a while – maybe 10 minutes or more, then just straightened up and walked away as if nothing is unusual…

59th street subway

A gentleman who bought my CD told me that he invented a machine that makes huge bubbles. He thought my music would go well with bubbles :) Check out his website – his bubbles are amazing! Totally cool – 20 foot bubbles creating amazing shapes in the air. How exciting to have met the inventor of such an incredibly fun thing! If I didn’t play in the subway I probably would never get to meet all the nice and interesting people I get to meet.

Amazing bubbles

A while later a guy stood in the exact same spot the doubled-over lady did before. And he doubled-over, too! He was very close to my donations box, so I thought maybe he is contemplating on stealing from me, but it was just so strange that he was standing there for a while, doubled-over, and in the exact same spot as the lady about an hour or more earlier… He finally straightened up, said ‘hi’ to me and walked away…

59th street

A gentleman and his daughter (who told me she was 2 & 1/2 years old) stayed for a while. They are from Indiana and told me they were on the road for 3 months but now going back home in 2 days. If I ever visit Indiana I sure would love to stay at their beautiful 19th century Inn.

59th street subway

This was a particularly fun day for me in the NYC subway.


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