Does anybody know what country this coin is from?

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I have not played at the 59th & Lex station in probably about a year!
I used to go there every week until a policeman who doesn’t allow the use of an amp got stationed there… He was very nice to me – told me three times that amplification is not allowd (even though all the other policemen allowed it…) without giving me a ticket. So, I stopped going there. Other buskers, such as Louis the sax player, who also used to frequent the spot, also stopped going there.
I was apprehensive about going to the spot (I kept my amp in it’s bag, though, and just in case – put it behind my chair…) but all was well – that policeman was not there :)
There were other police officers around, but they were cool.

It was 25 degrees when I left home and when I returned it was 30 degrees. It was supposed to climb up to 38 degrees today, but it sure didn’t feel like it. I wore 2 pairs of socks (one of which are ski socks) and my toes were still completely frozen by 4pm.

A lady and her son stopped to chat. She told me her daughter needs to make a musical instrument as a school project and she was wondering about the saw.

I got 3 foreign coins today:
Canadian, Swiss (did they not switch to Euro?) and a big silver coins which on one side says ‘Queen Elizabeth the second’ and on the other side it says ‘East Caribbean States’, ‘One Dollar’ and ‘2004’. Does anybody know what country this coin is from?


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  1. Jay Davidson on April 13, 2008 at 10:42 pm

    You asked about the Swiss coin: “did they not switch to Euro?” Switzerland is not part of the EC and does not use the euro; hence the continuation of the Swiss franc. There are a few EC countries that continue to use their own currencies, such as England, part of the EC, but still using their pound. As for Switzerland, it was only in the 21st century that they joined the United Nations!
    By the way, I went to your site to find your comments about the Joshua Bell incident in DC, and I could not find it. Could you please tell me where it is? Thanks. Best of luck to you. I will be in NYC in June and hope to hear you play in person.

  2. Saw Lady on April 15, 2008 at 12:37 am

    Jay – thank you for the info about Switzerland and their coins!

    And to answer your question: – Is Joshua Bell a good busker?
    You might find this interesting, too: – Famous Violinists Who Busk

    All the best,


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