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At the 59th street subway station, an oriental guy kindly offered to help me bring my busking gear up both sets of stairs.
there was nobody playing at the Music Under New York spot.
I noticed that somebody placed the MUNY hooks for hanging the permit banner up higher than where they usually are. they were level with the station’s old mosaic sign – a much better place for the banner than below the mosaic.

Old placement of banner below mosaic

A guy said to me: “I’m a guitarist and I have enough trouble playing guitar. I don’t know how you do that!” motioning at the musical saw.

Frank, the guitar player/singer/whistler said ‘hi’. He played at 3 different subway staions today, two hours at each. I noticed he now had all his teeth in (last time I saw him he had a few teeth missing). As usual, he was in a good and talkative mood.


As I played the ‘Gymnopedie’ by Eric Satie a guy on the opposite platform stood directly opposite me. He put his hand on his heart to mime that he liked my playing. Then, right before his train arrived, he threw a quarter across the tracks, and it landed right in front of me! That was particularly amazing, since in this station the two platforms (uptown – where I was, and downtown – where he was) are separated by two train tracks, which makes it a great distance.

distance between platforms at 59th st. station

A lady told me she saw a musical saw player in New Hampshire some time ago. She was glad somebody is continuing this art form, which she thought was basically extinct.

6 train


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