Blogging and Busking are Similar

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I arrived at the Music Under New York spot at the 59th street & Lexington subway station at 11:35AM. A nice oriental gentleman helped me carry my cart up the two flights of stairs.

59th street subway station

Matt, an NYU journalism student, watched the scene and asked me a bunch of interesting questions about my blog and busking. He concentrated on the community aspect of both, how it brings people together. I never thought of it before, but blogging and busking are similar: you present your work to the general public and whoever wants to – talks with you. You get to interact with a lot of nice people which you probably wouldn’t have the chance to meet other wise.

Tao Qi, the Chinese opera singer, was on his way to the 68th street subway station. He likes that spot. He told me that on October 1st he has a permit to the LIRR spot – he has never performed there before so he asked me what’s it like there. The nice thing about that spot is that it is air-conditioned in the summer and heated in winter!

Tao Qi

The Bird Guy walked by wearing his usual feathered hat. I said ‘hi’ to him and he answered by making bird calls. He really is an expert on making bird sounds. Very cool. He never talks, he only makes bird sounds.

The garbage can next to the spot was overflowing. By 2:30am I figured that since no sanitation-person showed up to deal with the garbage, it must mean Jefferson, the sanitation supervisor of the station, is not there. I was told he was ill last time I played at this spot – I hope he is OK… Finally a sanitation-man arrived. I asked him if he knows Jefferson, but he told me that it’s his first time working at this station, so he doesn’t know Jefferson. He usually works downtown, he said.

Every now and then a homeless looking guy who walks lopsided walked by me. Every time he passed me by he looked inside my donations bucket. I don’t think he was contemplating stealing – he was just curious.

Saw Joke of the Day:
A guy said to me “I guess this is called sawing a saw.”

At 4:15 the aches in my left hand informed me it was time to call it a day.

59th street subway station


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